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“A mandala is a sacred realm... Let’s each try to regard ourselves as a mandala, the sacred dimension that is made up of many sacred components. So we are this living intricate mandala...Because we are this living mandala made of so many components, we are ready to fall apart at any given moment...This Mandala, this sacred universe, is who we are... This realization - knowing that there is no singular self in each of us, and instead we are this complex, beautiful, living Mandala - is very liberating. It can give rise to courage, love, and joy in our hearts"

- Anam Thubten         

Mandala KAP is a 1 week group Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy program created for and by  those in the caring professions: Healers Healing Healers.

Mandala KAP : Connection

Social connectedness and supportive community are known predictors of robust mental health and well-being.  The objective of this group program is to help participants build access to the innate awareness of their inherent worth, wisdom, agency,  and sense of belonging.

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Mandala KAP : Community

The intention of this program goes beyond symptom reduction and individual healing. When we begin healing ourselves, we can, with intention, begin healing the systems we operate in.  By healing ourselves and working to disrupt the systemic patterns hemming us in, we can then begin healing future generations. The focus of Mandala groups is on collective healing that will  ripple to participants’ families, their organizations, and wider social systems.


Mandala KAP : Context

This program is designed as an “open secular” group - all faith and non-faith traditions are welcome. Time and attention will be devoted to the range of traditions people bring with them into the program.  There will also be explicit acknowledgement of the indigenous and spiritual traditions that stewarded the plant medicines for millennia and those who developed models for safe group use.

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Mandala KAP : A Call to Action

The current mental health and spiritual crises we face call for thoughtful and caring models that will build connection, meaning, and purpose within small communities, and then in ever widening circles.  We feel called to support our community of Healthcare providers. Our programs  are open to all healthcare providers, therapist and educators.

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