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Nov 1-8th  2023 : Hybrid Zoom and in person experiential. Experience deep healing work in a safe community of your peers.


  • All Participants must be licensed, practicing,  or recently retired from a Healthcare Profession including Therapists, Counselors, RNs, MDs, and Clinical and Didactic Educators.

  • All participants will undergo a medical and psychological screening prior to acceptance to the program. 

  • All participants must be able to travel to Watertown, MA for the experiential sessions.


All participants must attend all online Workshops sessions in order to participate in experiential days.


Program Includes:

Two guided sublingual Ketamine sessions

 Preparatory and Integration sessions 

Lunch included Friday & Saturday

Program Costs:

Medical Evaluation fee: $200 

Program Tuition: Sliding scale $800-1200

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golden mandala , with text that reads MANDALA KAP Healers Healing Healers. Addressing Moral Inury and burnout in healthcare workers. group ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) March 1-8 hybrid zoom and in person experiential program.

Nov 1-8th 2023
Wednesday- Zoom: 7-9pm
Friday/Saturday - in person: 10am-5pm
Sunday - in person: 10am-1pm 
Wednesday - Zoom: 7-9pm


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